Onsite dental care for residents. Delivered with compassion and comfort.

A healthy smile keeps the body healthy, too. That’s why Aria provides a full range of supportive dental services.

Onsite DENTAL Services



Oral Cancer Screening

Teeth Cleanings

Denture Cleaning and Maintenance

Fluoride Treatment


Onsite Fillings

Onsite Extractions

Triage Services



Denture Maintenance

Full and Partial Dentures

Denture Adjustments

Compassionate Caregivers

Aria serves as an extension of your community’s care team proactively identifying risk factors to ensure quality outcomes and improve satisfaction for all residents.
All appointments, paperwork, progress reports, and billing are managed by Aria, too.

Comprehensive Oral Care and Affordable Coverage

The Aria insurance program is available with no net out-of-pocket costs for qualified Medicaid residents (with Social Security income). Enrolling in the program reduces your monthly cost to the nursing home. You then pay a premium for the program to receive the dental, vision, and audiology care you select at no additional cost. Our dedicated services team works closely with families and caregivers to explain options and manage enrollment.

Convenient Medical Services

Along with a healthy smile, Aria offers residents vision and audiology care, too.

Collaborative Partnerships

Aria Care Partners offer skilled nursing facilities, residents, and families many benefits.

  • Onsite dental, vision, and audiology care management teams to support staff
  • Expert clinicians trained to work with residents who have communication and memory-related issues
  • Ongoing patient and family outreach and education to drive engagement
  • Improved census and complete compliance reporting to protect and enhance revenue
  • Proactive chronic condition risk management to reduce readmissions
  • Creative insurance programs and onsite enrollment to improve access to care
  • Dedicated dental, vision, and audiology services in the care and comfort of the facility
  • Affordable insurance plans that cover the costs of care
  • Quality dentures, eyewear, and hearing aids to keep your health on track
  • Appointment and billing management to keep your care plan on track
  • Condition-specific education for families keeping them informed
  • Ongoing family outreach that provides peace of mind

Aria Standard of Care

Compassionate whole person care tailored to the unique needs of seniors. The collaborative care partner your facility deserves.


SatisfactioN Rating

Years of Experience

Residents Served

Facilities Served

Our dental hygienist is a gem, and really connected with one of our difficult residents! She’s professional, courteous, attentive, and genuinely pleasant. We’re lucky to have her caring for our residents!

Skilled Nursing Facility

All services provided by Senior Dental Care are awesome! Their clinical staff is amazing with our residents and always willing to go above and beyond to help them. You guys are an amazing team and provide great customer service to our residents and staff.

Skilled Nursing Facility

The visits are always timely, professional and the staff are extremely kind and caring towards each residents. Our residents enjoy being seen by the dentist and assistant. I ‘m glad you are back in the building you were missed.

Skilled Nursing Facility

Senior Dental is a part of the Resident Care team for our facility and we work well together for the best care for our Residents. Our Representative is very knowledgeable and helps us get the care and/or follow up care with resources we weren’t sure how to get ourselves!

Rehab Partner

Senior dental care does an outstanding job each and every time they visit our facility! We truly appreciate everything they do for our residents.

Convalescent Home

The Senior Dental Team for our facility (American Village) does a wonderful job with responding to emails promptly and are always willing to help with any issues that arise. Our facility also really enjoys the providers they sent to our facility.

Skilled Nursing Facility