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Resident Dental™ Launches New Brand and Programs for its Customers

Overland Park, KS, June 26th, 2014 – Today, Resident Dental announces several new programs as well as unveils a new brand and company logo. The goal of all the programs is simple: to support nursing communities by fulfilling their care and compliance needs. Among the new programs is an “SSI Program” helping residents without available income to receive care, on-site. While the new Resident Dental brand name closely resembles the old name, the overall brand is distinctly different including new logo, tagline and website, which better reflect the company’s  strategic direction.

New Programs for Administrators of Long-Term Care (LTC) Communities

Resident Dental announced key programs aligning with its three main, customer-focused goals:

  • driving access to quality care for residents
  • making administrator’s jobs easier
  • keeping LTC communities compliant

New Programs for Residents

The new programs are available July 1st, 2014 to any new or existing customer renewing a service contract. The company has local representatives available for more detailed information, consultation or to activate these programs.

  • Choices For Residents – The Company introduces tiers of service providing more options for residents and families to choose the care that best fits their needs. There is a range of affordable plans from basic services to those that include dentures and more frequent preventive care visits. “Offering choices is critical to the LTC initiative to empower residents in the care they receive,” said Derek Bridges who leads the market development efforts. “But having the most affordable choices promotes access to care and more avenues for residents to participate.” Three tiers of service were recently introduced for Indiana, Missouri, and Kansas. The company is now expanding those same benefits to communities in Oklahoma. Newly announced is an additional tier of service for Illinois residents to address more extraction and preventative care needs. For all of its communities, the Company offers new “Fee for Service” (FFS) discounts cards and performs an outreach program to proactively schedule follow-up visits, as with traditional dental offices. The company has local representatives available for more detailed information, consultation or to activate these programs.
  • SSI Program – SSI is an industry term referring to senior residents who have no available income. In this situation, the only coverage and service options available may be through the Medicaid program, where it is tough to find providers and arrange for transportation. Because LTC communities still have compliance needs, the company is introducing a program to provide basic services, which include a state assessment and dental cleanings for a limited set of residents. Furthermore, the company will work with its communities under a discounted FFS program on individual treatment for compliance.
  • Denture Replacement Guarantee Program – The Company introduced a program to replace lost dentures the company originally produced. This includes dentures delivered under Resident Dental insurance or its FFS program. “Lost dentures can cause big problems for LTC community providers because of the cost and health concerns, and can create disputes between families and communities,” said Mandy Faulk who manages the clinical coordination team. “Our goal was to provide a solution to encourage individuals to participate in our programs and also to help homes navigate these difficult issues.”
  • Assessment/Compliance Program – To address the on-going need for compliance, the company has an assessment program available to new admissions on a complimentary basis. With a simple, no-cost consent during admissions, new residents can receive an assessment and follow-up consultation. This supports the Company’s cause – promoting access to care – while at the same time allowing the LTC community to address their compliance requirements.
  • Awareness and Education – The Company is formalizing an education and awareness program for nursing home staff, specifically focused on dental care nuances in LTC communities. “We have provided ‘in-services’ for years. We are looking forward to using this experience and the knowledge of our professionals for the benefit of the communities and staff we support,” said  Gail Kelly. In partnership with GlaxoSmithKline, Resident Dental is currently piloting awareness on daily oral care programs, including education, training and product samples of Biotene® for “Dry Mouth” and Polident® for routine care for both full and partial dentures, both of which are included on the MDS/ QIS state survey. “We believe this service offering is the most compelling in the market, but most importantly puts the needs of the customer at the center and creates pathways to meet the care and compliance needs for the whole home,” Bridges continued.

New Brand Identity– Bringing You Reasons to Smile

“To celebrate our rapid progress and 15-year anniversary, we knew it was time to do something distinctive,” said Scott Frigon, the company’s President & CEO. “By keeping our core brand elements and modifying others, we were able to get the best of both worlds. We now have a brand identity closely reflecting our people, culture and strategic direction.”

  • New Logo – The new logo is comprised of two inter-linking, connected ribbons creatively resembling a tooth. “The logo is an expression that reflects several meanings and the company  itself,” according to Sean Hogan, a partner at DMH advertising firm in Kansas City, who led the branding effort. Ribbons are commonly used to represent a cause or something to drive awareness. For Resident Dental, their cause is about promoting access to dental care for this underserved, but important, generation. The inter-connecting ribbons demonstrate Resident’s understanding of the support and teamwork necessary for healthcare communities, families, and residents’ care.
  • New Tag Line – The tag line, “Bringing You Reasons to Smile” relates to the residents in nursing homes as well as their staffs. With 75% of its residents wearing full or partial dentures, the obvious connection to the tag line is the physical and emotional benefit of a confident smile. Additionally, Resident Dental supports the home in many ways, making the staff’s jobs easier and providing them with reasons to smile as well. “A logo is just an expression of who the company really is, and we were happy to provide them with a brand identity mirroring their culture and business model,” Sean said.

About Aria Care Partners
Aria Care Partners is the leading provider of onsite ancillary medical services for skilled nursing facilities. With more than 20 years of partnership with nearly 3,000 skilled nursing facilities, Aria Care Partners remains on the leading edge of innovative care delivery, understanding the connection between dental, vision, and hearing services to resident health and well-being. With a unique combination of turnkey insurance solutions and innovative service delivery, Aria Care Partners is passionate about enriching every resident’s quality of life and ensuring that every family knows their loved ones are well cared for and safe.

Contact Information:
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Director of Marketing Operations
(913) 594-3088

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