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Overland Park, KS, May 2024 – Aria Care Partners recently published Skilled Nursing Facility and Post-Acute Care 2024 Trends, a report exploring critical challenges and opportunities for industry leadership this year and beyond. The company’s inaugural report is based on analysis of a wide range of current data and perspectives in the skilled nursing facility (SNF) and related sectors as well as in healthcare at large. 

Subtitled “Navigating Uncertainty and Driving Change,” the report begins with an assessment of the financial, growth, and technology imperatives that are framing decision making today. The headwinds and tradeoffs generated by these requirements are quantified and detailed.

The Trends report then identifies four trends exerting increasingly powerful influence on the skilled nursing and long-term care communities:

  • Value-Based Care Models Gathering Momentum in Skilled Nursing Industry
  • Consumer Demands, Competition Driving Need to Enhance Resident Experience
  • Building Trust and a Change Culture Becoming Critical Success Factors
  • Ancillary Care Offering Growth and Holistic Care Opportunities


The latter trend builds on Aria Care Partners’ expertise in dental, hearing, vision, and podiatry services and examines leading clinical and business growth drivers in each of these disciplines.

The report presents extensive findings. A few examples include:

  • Analysts foresee value-based insurance programs covering 130-160 million lives by 2027.
  • Anxiety is a significant dental care issue. More than 30% of adults refuse any treatment until their pain is too great.
  • The podiatry services market is expanding at a nearly 5% annual clip.
  • Artificial intelligence and 3D printing technologies are finding meaningful near-term care applications across dental, hearing, vision, and podiatry.


“Our aim was to dig beneath the headlines to uncover the data and synthesize the themes that can help the SNF community navigate today’s pressing issues,” said John Griscavage, CEO of Aria Care Partners. “Our report shows that skilled nursing and long-term care are wrestling with many of the major trends facing healthcare, and a clear takeaway is that pursuing change is urgently required.”

Access the report here: Skilled Nursing Facility & Post Acute Care 2024 Trends | Aria Care Partners.

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Aria Care Partners is the leading provider of onsite ancillary medical services for skilled nursing facilities. With more than 20 years of partnership with nearly 3,000 skilled nursing facilities, Aria Care Partners remains on the leading edge of innovative care delivery, understanding the connection between dental, vision, hearing, and podiatry services to resident health and well-being. With a unique combination of turnkey insurance solutions and innovative service delivery, Aria Care Partners is passionate about enriching every resident’s quality of life and ensuring that every family knows their loved ones are well cared for and safe. For more information, please visit

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