Onsite Vision Services for Residents. Collaborative care. Quality Without Compromise.

Maintain good eye health year-round and see well for a lifetime. Aria specializes in providing full-service, comprehensive eye care.

Onsite Vision Services

Medical Eye Exams

Vision assessment

Vision analysis for Prescription glasses

Muscle balance and eye coordination

Referrals to specialists when needed

Eye Disorder Treatment and Monitoring

Proactive monitoring of:

Age-Related Macular Degeneration
Capsular Fibrosis
Dry Eye Syndrome

Vision Care and Eyewear

A wide selection of affordable glasses

Fitting, delivery, and adjustments

Timely follow-up care

Compassionate Caregivers

Aria’s optometrists are skilled in working with residents who have trouble communicating or suffer from dementia. The clinical staff serves as an extension of the facility care team, answering questions and providing ongoing education for residents and families.
All appointments, paperwork, progress reports, and billing are managed by Aria, too.

Comprehensive Vision Care. Affordable Coverage.

Aria is a participating provider of Medicare (part B), Medicaid, other third-party insurances, select managed care plans and HMOs. Our dedicated services team works closely with families and caregivers to explain options and manage enrollment.

Convenient Medical Services

Along with maintaining healthy eyes, Aria offers residents dental and audiology care, too.

Collaborative Partnerships

Aria Care Partners offer skilled nursing facilities, residents, and families many benefits.

  • Onsite dental, vision, and audiology care management teams to support staff
  • Expert clinicians trained to work with residents who have communication and memory-related issues
  • Ongoing patient and family outreach and education to drive engagement
  • Improved census and complete compliance reporting to protect and enhance revenue
  • Proactive chronic condition risk management to reduce readmissions
  • Creative insurance programs and onsite enrollment to improve access to care
  • Dedicated dental, vision, and audiology services in the care and comfort of the facility
  • Affordable insurance plans that cover the costs of care
  • Quality dentures, eyewear, and hearing aids to keep your health on track
  • Appointment and billing management to keep your care plan on track
  • Condition-specific education for families keeping them informed
  • Ongoing family outreach that provides peace of mind

Aria Standard of Care

Compassionate whole-person care tailored to the unique needs of seniors. The collaborative care partner your facility deserves.


SatisfactioN Rating

Years of Experience

Residents Served

Facilities Served

Staff is very professional and proficient , as well as kind and patient – which is great when providing services in a nursing/long-term care facility.

Long Term Care Facility

The staff that comes to our facility are amazing to work with. They treat our residents with kindness, dignity, and respect. They are great at communicating with me on needs of residents regarding future plans of care, and are very professional.

Rehab Partner