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Who is Aria Care Partners?

Aria Care Partners is the leading provider of onsite ancillary care services to skilled nursing facilities. Aria believes every senior deserves access to the highest quality care, when and where they need it – without having to leave their resident facility. That is why we offer a full range of onsite dental, vision, hearing, and podiatry care and budget friendly insurance plans to enrich seniors’ quality of life. 

Aria Care Partners believes that our clinicians should be able to focus on providing the best, most comprehensive care to their patients. Our clinicians visit different skilled nursing communities daily, bringing life-affirming care to an underserved population. Joining Aria Care Partners is joining a team that puts the patient first with a philosophy of compassion and a duty of care. We have created a system that allows clinicians to focus on care while other teams focus on logistics, billing, and scheduling.

Focus on Care

Aria Care Partners administration offices handle all scheduling, billing, and patient follow-up contact so the Aria Clinicians can focus on what they're best at: providing compassionate care to the people who need it most. 

Serve Communities

Aria brings care directly to skilled nursing communities nationwide. We eliminate the risks associated with travel, build positive relationships with residents, and treat non-mobile and memory care patients.

Enrich Lives

Dental, Vision, Hearing, and Podiatry care doesn't just make residents feel better, it enables communication, mitagates fall risks, helps with comorbidities, and is life affirming. Healthy smiles, sharper vision, better hearing, and more mobile feet are all a part of what Aria Care Partners brings to seniors across America.  

We act as an Extension of Your Care Team


Aria strives to provide the highest quality service with compassion and personalized attention in the skilled-nursing facilities we serve. As your trusted partner, we ensure working together is easy and beneficial by:

  • Equipping licensed clinical teams with expertise and technology to provide care at your location.
  • Understanding the unique needs of your residents through individual assessments.
  • Ensuring access to quality care for all residents.
  • Helping your facility stay compliant with federal and state regulations through detailed reporting and proactive audits.
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Comfort, Compassion, and Customized Care


Preventative care is essential to help identify health concerns early and allow your loved one to receive timely treatment that ensures their wellbeing. That is why Aria engages with skilled-nursing facilities to bring care right to your loved one.

  • Licensed healthcare professionals provide your loved one the highest quality care for their most essential needs, including dental, vision, hearing, and podiatry care when they need it.
  • Comfort for your loved one to stay where they are, without requiring a trip for an office visit or procedure.
  • Affordability with multiple payment options, including an Aria insurance policy with no copay, deductible, or surprise bills.
  • Ongoing healthcare education and training for our staff to ensure the best possible care experiences for your loved one.
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Meet The Executive Leadership Team

John Griscavage

Chief Executive Officer

Matt Oswald

Chief Financial Officer

Benjamin Nelson

Chief Customer Officer

John Rosenbaum

Chief Compliance Officer

Anthony Miranda

Chief Strategy Officer

Stacy Gober

Vice President of Clinical Operations

Ray Morales

Vice President of Sales

Marilyn Dove

Director of Human Resources, Talent, & Culture

Tony Layne

Executive Chair & Founder

Meet the Clinical Leadership Team

Dr. Doug Streifel, O.D.

Chief Medical Officer of Optometry

Dr. Michelle Modisett, Au.D.

Chief Medical Officer of Audiology

Dr. Elisa Lear-Rayborn, D.P.M.

Chief Medical Officer of Podiatry

Meet the Strategic Advisory Board

Julie Allen

Board Member

Julie Rautio

Board Member

Kara Cardinale

Board Member

Matt Salo

Board Member

Join the Aria Care Partners Team

Aria Care Partners is always looking for compassionate, talented dentists, optometrists, audiologists, and podiatrists, as well as a host of general administrative, sales, and office roles.

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