Common Audiology Challenge

by | May 10, 2022

Aria Care Partners’ experience providing audiology, optometry, and dental care has shed light on problems common to facility residents in each one of our clinical disciplines. In this story, we will use the name ‘Bob’ to describe a common one related to hearing. We will also describe our solution following an audiology exam.

During a recent audiology exam, Bob described that even though he had gotten hearing aids some years ago, it was harder to understand people talking and sounds seem ‘muffled’. Here is the common problem we discovered.

Bob’s current hearing problem was not about the volume level (intensity of sound) but about the frequency of tones (low, medium, high). For someone like Bob, high frequency hearing loss impacted his ability to understand conversations, especially when many people were talking. Bob’s old hearing aids were replaced with ones that amplified high-frequency sounds in a ‘behind-the-ear’ style, which we’ve found are easier for residents to handle.

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